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What is public relations?

Posted by sonnhalter on October 27, 2008

https://i1.wp.com/blog.the-escape.co.uk/wp-content/ads.jpg Now this is a famous question, well at least in the PR program at Kent State University. Each one of my PR professors has asked this question at the beginning of our first class. My freshman year when asked, I really couldn’t give an answer. My sophomore year, I could spit out a very vague version of the correct answer. Now as a veteran senior, I think I have finally got it. In fact, I have several answers and several of my own opinions on the subject.


My favorite answer and the one I use the most is, well, simply writing! Now if that doesn’t help you answer the question let me go a little farther: public relations is building relationships with all an organizations public’s through media relations, internal relations, external relations, etc. etc.. And just to connect that first answer to the second, the most common way to of reaching publics is through writing.

Don’t get PR confused

This explanation usually works for someone who knows a little something about public relations, advertising, media or some similar field. For others this seems like an appropriate answer for any and all the fields listed above. Don’t get PR confused with other media fields.

Not Marketing

Marketing vs. PR is hard to explain. Marketing is the overall business idea that incorporates several facets such as advertising, public relations, sales strategy, customer support, branding, etc.. Marketing is about bringing buyers and sellers together while PR is more focused on reputations, understanding and perceptions.

Not Advertising

There are many differences between advertising and public relations too. For example, advertising is paid for so they know when the ad will be aired or be published and how it will be presented and it usually isn’t personal. Public relations seeks free publicity so you don’t have any of the control advertisers do and also it tends to focus on a more personal level.

Not Journalism

Public relations isn’t journalism, even though PR practitioners and journalists must learn to coincide. Ever read the business section? Well guess what you are probably reading the idea of some PR practitioner out there. The main difference between the two is that journalists should be objective and PR is not. PR is looking to influence on behalf of an organization.



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