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How to Write for Trade Magazines

Posted by sonnhalter on October 17, 2008

During my time as a PR student I have had to write for lots of different publications. Most required a different style. I had to adapt for online writing verses newspaper writing and etc. etc.  but in the last month (which just happens to be how long I have been at SONNHALTER) I have had to learn how to write for trade magazines because SONNHALTER is a business-to-business marketing communication firm.

Now this is something completely new to me. None of my classes or past experiences included this medium and like before there is a certain style to this writing, which I have had to adapt to.

What I have learned about writing for Trade Magazines:

1. Cut the fluff. All that wonderful PR training on how to hype up your story will go to waste here. Just stick with what the release is about and keep to the information.

2. Be specific. State the facts and in the case of what I have been writing, the specs of each product. The release should be useful and have the information.

3. Don’t forget your basics. It should still be clear and concise. It should be newsworthy and relevant. It should be well written. Make sure you don’t forget all those fundamental things you learned in your first news writing class.

4. Don’t sweat the time! Don’t stay over on Friday to finish up that press release because guess what, it probably doesn’t matter! Trade magazines don’t present the same type of news that newspaper, radio, TV, etc. do and the timeliness factor is removed from their news. You can have weeks to get them a press release so take your time and enjoy the weekend!

Learning to adapt my writing and being able to present examples of all different writing styles has been so beneficial to me. Like I said in my last post I have had to endure lots of red ink but the payoff has been worth it.






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