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Posted by sonnhalter on December 23, 2008

After going through a week of work, finals, graduation and everything that goes with each of those, I can attest for the skill of balancing your time and not procrastinating. I think being able to do this and doing it well is probably the most important skill a student can learn.

Procrastination is an unfortunate skill that most college students thrive in. I, like most, have let the 12-page paper go until the night before it’s due and have tried to read a semester’s amount of chapters in a weekend but trust me, it doesn’t work.

In high school I was able to balance my school work and extra activities pretty easily. I didn’t work during the school year and most of my teachers didn’t give out extensively long assignments. When I went to college I took that attitude and those study habits with me and I suffered as a result.

It’s not high school…

From the first year of college you need to realize that your classes are going to be very different than high school. I was an extreme case because I went to a high school that had less than 500 students and went to a college that I would find 500 students in one class.

Don’t Procrastinate!

I worked through college and was a part of a few clubs on campus. Very quickly I learned that I had to adapt my study habits to be successful. I was able to do this and because I have been able to do a lot more than some of my fellow students.

Some basic tips to be successful:


I know it is a crazy idea but you will understand everything better if you are in the classroom. It also will get you all the little points for participation and you will know if there are changes to the syllabus.

  1. Keep up on the reading

You don’t want to have to read six chapters right before a test. Also, if you read beforehand you will know what is confusing for you and be able to seek help.

  1. Finish your paper at least a day before it is due

If you finish you paper beforehand, you can go back and look at it with fresh eyes. You will be surprised how many mistakes you find after just one day. If you finish it even earlier, you could even possibly have your professor look at it.

  1. Befriend people in your classes

When you know people in the class you have a great source for notes you missed or explain a lot of things that you might not get, but they do. You also can make study groups.

When you can start doing this, you won’t be overwhelmed (well hopefully not) when finals week comes around and you will realize how much information you already know.

I am also saying all this because I know it works. I was able complete internships, work, go abroad and travel, volunteer, and participate in clubs throughout my college career and keep my grades up because I adapted how I approached and studied for my classes.


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