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LinkedIn for Young Professionals

Posted by sonnhalter on January 19, 2009

1274433147_d9b5d6f59cAfter discussing several social networks in my past posts I want to concentrate on the professional Web site, LinkedIn.

I was not familiar with LinkedIn until this year when I signed up because I started entering into my professional field. I have since found it a very useful site to use for networking. Now I have preached about the importance of networking in all aspects of your life and LinkedIn is a great Internet networking connection.

Some easy steps to being successful on LinkedIn:

1. Ensure your profile truly represents the professional you

Fill out the entire LinkedIn profile and make sure you update it regularly. Put your best attributes and qualities on your page; it is your online resume and you should treat it the same way as you would your paper resume.

2. Find professionals in your profession

LinkedIn is full of professionals from all fields. Connect with them! Start with your co-workers and classmates and expand as you get to know new people in your career and through your online professional networking.

3. Join the professional community

You will find hundreds of groups available to you on LinkedIn that will apply to your field. Join them. Joining groups is a great way to meet new professionals and to network to people you may have never had the chance to meet otherwise.

4. Make Recommendations

LinkedIn offers the opportunity to receive recommendations and to give them. Now this might seem like common sense but if you give them most likely people will give them back. Think of this feature as the references on your resume. It is very important so take it seriously and make sure you write something helpful and professional.

5. Show the true you and link

Make sure you use your page to your advantage. If you have a blog, link to it. If you have a Web site, link to it. These will add more to your page than just your writings about yourself. It also lets you show off your writing and more of your personality.

Check out this post for more on improving your LinkedIn account.


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